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We learn and retain information more readily when we are placed in a fun and interactive learning environment with our peers. Whether you are a sales team, management team or part of an industry offsite/conference, our presenters will extend, entertain and challenge you. Attendees will be connecting, communicating and supporting each other as they grow together and discover new tools, strategies and models to takeaway with them.

Note: All of our training workshops are also available in condensed form as 40 - 60 minutes keynote presentations. 


Communication is more than just talking. Improve your conversations, team engagement and ability to connect with and understand others. Develop a collaborative work environment. We share a range of topics and skills which are easily applied in the workplace.

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Business results are important but a great leader inspires, empowers and motivates their team and colleagues. Our range of professional development training for managers will educate and challenge them as they add to and evolve their leadership and people skills.

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Sometimes people have the skills to achieve, but still can’t seem to. Whether it’s building confidence, increasing motivation, controlling emotions, or creating success strategies, our workshop attendees discover how to recognise, understand, effectively manage mindset and behaviours in themselves and others.

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Neuro-Linguistic Programming has been effectively used in the workplace for years, to improve results, develop mindfulness and maximise potential in individuals and teams. Combining the power of language tools, neurological techniques, success modelling and inner resourcefulness, there is much to discover.

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Our informative and interactive training workshops can be delivered onsite at your business premises and conference locations, or at our training rooms in Gordon.  We will travel interstate and overseas. (extra costs involved)  Workshop duration varies, ranging from two hours to two days, so please contact us directly for more specifics. All workshops can also be delivered in a condensed format as 40 – 60 minute keynote presentations.

Please Note: Training content and resources are the intellectual property of Be Ultimate Coaching & Training and may not be shared or duplicated without our written permission. 







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