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• The Power of Voice: 

Learn to use your voice as an effective tool to deliver your message and get the right kind of response. Move from aggressive to assertive, introvert to contributor, questioning to certainty, it’s all in the delivery.

•  Effective Listening

Great communicators understand the power of listening and hearing. We will step you through the 
5 Levels of Listening and The Representational Systems, as well as sharing some great rapport building exercises along the way. 

•  Relationship Building 101

Whether it’s business or personal, building relationships is a crucial requirement for success. Understanding who to connect with and how isn’t always easy. Whether it’s connecting, setting boundaries or disconnecting that you are struggling with, this training will give you the understanding and inside tips you need, to build up your people skills.

•  Non Verbals (what your body is saying)

Studies suggest that 55% of communication is delivered by our body language not what we say. We will take you through the basics and shortcuts of non-verbals to enable you to amplify and accelerate your communication results. 

•  Language Tools to Change Your Results  

The power of linguistics is often under-rated, but your word choices can change not only the context of what you are saying, but also the interpretation at the other end. By integrating NLP Techniques (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), this workshop will fine tune your vocabulary and tell you the “never-say words” to enable you to accelerate your connection and results with others and even yourself. 

•  Developing/Creating Effective Presentations  

You have the information in your head, but turning it into deliverable workshops or presentations can be challenging. Our effective step by step process makes content development easy and your presentations come together with ease. (This workshop would also be useful if you are in the early stages of writing a book.)  

•  Delivering Presentations Like a Professional

So the content is sorted and you are ready to go, but the thought of standing at the front of the room turns you to jelly? Perhaps you speed up or mumble your delivery so that no one can understand you? Let us help you with our insider methods and tricks and which will have you performing like a pro in no time. Confidence is contagious, let us get you there.

•  Effective Networking

This presentation will identify the key fears most people carry into a networking environment and tricks for conquering them. We will discuss the common mistakes networkers make, look at how body language can impact a conversation and discover the power of profile, personal space, listening tools and key words and phrases. Learn how the right networking strategy can fast forward rapport and engagement and help you to create long term relationships that will benefit you and your business. Fun and interactive learning which will enable you take your networking to the next level.

•  Communication…It’s Not About Talking

This Two Day Workshop is a power pack of communication insights, tools and methods. 
We cover communication issues including the impact of gender, cultural, generational and representational differences, the power of language, effective listening, feedback, non-verbals and social awareness. Take your communication skills to a whole new level.







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