Group Training & Workshops Leadership Behaviour & Mindset


•  Creative Thinking and Idea Generation 

This workshop will get your team involved as they learn to open their minds, expand their vision and unlock their creative thinking abilities. They will discover how to fully engage the right and left sides 
of their brains, hold back the what-if’s and fully explore the power of group brainstorming, knowledge bouncing and idea generation. Hands on activities and interactive learning designed to take your future strategy meetings to the next level.

•  Managing Stress – Body and Mind

This Workshop takes a two-fold approach to examining stress and taking back control, both within 
and outside of the workplace.  

Body:  Learn how diet, sleep patterns and daily habits may be impacting on your stress levels. 
We will share ways to make small changes and create noticeable improvements. 

Mind:  Identify the key triggers of stress and find out how to take back control. Easy and practical 
methods for managing stress, anxiety and overwhelm. Free up your headspace so you can focus on 
what really needs attention, rev up your productivity and still feel good. 

•  Profiling in The Workplace

Dealing with different types of people and personalities can be challenging at times, particularly in the workplace. Profiling can assist leaders to improve communication, performance and productivity at both individual and team levels and allows a better understanding of natural behaviour patterns, 
motivators and communication styles which can be used for real results in the workplace.  

  • Understand what behavioural profiling is
  • Discover the natural energy styles and how they motivate us
  • Learn communication and language clues 
  • Practical applications in the workplace for real results 

•  Growth Mindset - Leading Through Change

What is your attitude to change? How does it translate to your team? Change in the workplace can create uncertainty, frustration and an emotionally charged environment. Covering Growth vs Fixed Mindset, Effective Communication, Emotional Intelligence and Change Leadership, this hands on workshop will help you navigate workplace change and shine as a leader.







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