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•  Leadership 101 

What does it take to become a great leader? We cover the traits, skills and strategies that will help you tap into your own resources, develop and grow your leadership abilities, connect with your team and get the kind of results you need, in the workplace.

•  Assertiveness Without Aggressiveness

Senior leaders require strength and determination to manage their results driven roles, but they often 
get labelled as aggressive, arrogant or even bullies by staff and cohorts. Let us help you understand 
why this happens, how to deliver your instructions and feedback in a positive way, motivate your 
team and empower both yourself and the people around you.

•  Feedback – Getting It Right

Staff Reviews are a regular part of the leadership roles, but tend to be dreaded by all. Understand 
how and why they can be the most powerful tool in your workplace and how to both deliver and 
receive feedback resourcefully, to benefit both parties.    

•  Decision-making – Get Things Moving

A confident decision-maker inspires confidence in others and keeps things moving. A confident decisionmaker can weigh up the pros and cons, separate emotions from facts, isolate the relevant information, and back themselves through success or failure. With tools and processes to assist, 
find out how you can tap into your own internal resources to develop and grow your decision
making abilities.

•  The Six Steps to Effective Delegation

Too much to do and not enough time? Can’t rely on others to do the job right? Our six step 
process will enable you to confidently manage tasks, free up your time and empower the people 
around you. Time to take back control of your workload.

•  Meeting Management

Take back the reins and manage your meetings like a pro. We share how seating positions and body language can influence meeting dynamics, how to maintain control, methods to draw quality input 
from all attendees and how to keep your meetings timely and on topic.   

•  The 8 Essentials - For Successful Leadership

This Two Day Intensive is designed to cover the full range of skills that managers need to build and develop, to reach peak performance and be successful leaders and influencers within their organisations. With education, interactive activities, group discussions and real life case studies, attendees will leave aware, empowered and ready to connect and lead with confidence. 

•  Growth Mindset - Leading Through Change

What is your attitude to change? How does it translate to your team? Change in the workplace can create uncertainty, frustration and an emotionally charged environment. Covering Growth vs Fixed Mindset, Effective Communication, Emotional Intelligence and Change Leadership, this hands on workshop will help you navigate workplace change and shine as a leader.







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