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NLP in the Workplace

•  Language Tools to Change Your Results   

The power of linguistics is often under-rated, but your word choices can change not only the context of what you are saying, but also the interpretation at the other end. By integrating NLP Techniques (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), this workshop will fine tune your vocabulary, share with you the words you should eliminate from use, introduce you to power words, and assist you to accelerate your communication and connection with others and even yourself. 

•  Creating Resilience in The Workplace

Getting ahead in the corporate world is a tough climb, but when your emotions or those of your team are interfering it can create difficulties.
Whether it's anxiety, angry outbursts, insecurity or unwanted tears, this workshop will help you uncover triggers, re-pattern reactions and resourcefully deal with others. 
Improve your EQ and understand how to get emotions working resourcefully for you in the workplace.   

•  Capital I  

This is a great workshop for those lacking in confidence, second guessing themselves or paralysed by 
their own perfectionism. We will uncover the common behaviour patterns that prevent you from 
reaching your true potential. Uncover your value of self and discover the keys to your own success 
with the power of NLP techniques and tools to lead the way. 

•  Visualise Your Way to Success 

The power of the visual can be phenomenal when we understand and ultilise it to our advantage, particularly for planning, strategy and learning. We will cover the impact of colours, images, mind mapping and vision boards and how to use them to accelerate your results both in and out  of the workplace.      







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